Xia Honglin

Xia Honglin is the Board vice chair of Purple grit tea pot experts in Shanghai Arts & Crafts Association and was awarded as “Advanced expert of Chinese Arts and crafts”. In 1987 he followed the famous artists Zhang Peiyuan and Jang Rong to learn Purple grit tea pot making skills. Later he formally became one of the students of Cao Yalin — “The Master of Chinese Arts and crafts”.

Xia Honglin devotes himself in the Purple grit tea pot arts for decades and expertize in the traditional Purple grit tea pot designing and making as well as the Purple grit mud identification and compounding ratio researching. In 1995 he opened his own “Honglin Studio” and his “Honglin” Purple grit tea pot is famous for its special design and color. And his works were recognized by other artists and collectors such as Yu qiuyu, Chen Peiqiu, Shen Peng, Chen Pengju and Xu Hantang.

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