Huaxia Ancient Ceramic Science and Technology Institute was founded in Shanghai


On December 8th 2015, there were more than 200 people from social circles attended the 2015 Shanghai International Collection Forum – Global Art E-commerce Summit in Pudong, Shanghai. The conference was supported by ‘Shanghai International Culture Communication Association’, ‘China Business Network’, ‘Zheng Da Culture’, ‘Zhao Online’ and ‘Dong Ming Bai Lu Gallery’.

2015 Shanghai International Collection Forum – Global Art E-commerce Summit

In 2015 Chinese government work report first mentioned the “Internet +”plan, which aim to combine the internet with all sectors of the society. With the Chinese economy growing, financial system reforming and e-market developing, the Chinese art market entered into the new stage of ‘Art E-commerce’. To help the art market grow  steadily and introduce the most recent internet technique and finical method into it, more than 10 CEOs (Yong Zhao, Li Zhao, Tong Qiu, Qiqi Jiang, Jacob Pabst, Franz Fedra, Huanzhong Hu, Mu Xi, Xuanmin Cai, Longsheng Shi, Zehui Liu, Shaojie Wang, Jun Huang) from the world well-known culture organizations, art electric commerce enterprises, investment companies and research institutes had discussed the current Chinese Art market and the new way for developing the ‘Art E-commerce market’ for the upcoming ‘Internet +’ era.

Taking the advantage of the new policy and being a part of the culture undertakings development in Pudong, Shanghai, ‘Huaxia Ancient Ceramic Science and Technology Institute’ was founded in Pudong by the founder ‘Hangzhou Daily Press Group’ and ‘Dong Ming Bai Lu Gallery’. As an international metropolis, Shanghai will provide more international cooperation opportunities for the institute development and make the ancient Chinese ceramic art an important art research topic in the world.

To cultivate more ancient Chinese ceramic connoisseurs, the institute will invite world famous ancient ceramic experts to teach humanity, history, aesthetics and fake ancient ceramic identification. The talents will not only learn the traditional antique appreciation methods but also learn how to utilize the subtle trace theory to make the scientific and precise judgments.

Besides offering the short courses, the institute will also organize all kinds of activities related with ancient ceramic research to promote the art study among top researchers and help the public take part into the Chinese relic conservation.

The inside of ‘Dong Ming Bai Lu Gallery’

‘Dong Ming Bai Lu Gallery’ opened in 2006. It held many top art exhibitions like ‘Rentian Yu Art Exhibition’, ‘Chinese Imperial porcelains’, ‘Chinese Ancient Jades’ and so on. In the past ten years, many word famous experts including Zhongpei Zhang and Jimin Lv — the curators of the palace museum, Boda Yang — the Deputy Director of the palace museum, the director of Sotheby and Christies –Junhi Wang, Chinese famous ceramic experts – Xiaojun Qiu and Guosheng Cai, Private collector – Weidu Ma, Dr. Stacey Pierson – the Chairman of Percival David Foundation, British famous ceramic research Mr. Peter and so on had visited the gallery. All of them were impressed by the gallery’s collections and gave the highest praise. Mr. Xiaojun Qiu and Dr. Stacey Pierson wrote two words ‘Porcelain Soul’ to express their admiration to the gallery’s top ancient ceramic collections and the gallery’s effort to help public appreciate these rare and valuable art works.

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