Temple Fair on a Spring Day


42cm × 43cm × 15cm

This large jade from the Bobi desert is great and smooth, with light smoky color in pure white and its shape resembling a range of mountains. Facing this jade, the sculptor pondered for a whole year, and finally this excellent piece of jade work “Temple Fair on a Spring Day” came into being. in the early morning, the sun casts its first light on the old temple in the remote mountain. While the mountains are still in the veil of fog, traveling pilgrims are walking and talking on the small street. Through the combination of artistic creation and natural beauty of the jade, this piece of work presents the viewers with a feeling of supernatural craftsmanship, as described in the following poem. “As green willows exteneding twigs during the night, migrating birds twittering in the mountain in hte morning. Traveling far to worship the Buddha at dawn, pilgrims prostrate and pray for bleswsings.”